Danny K. Madore is a writer and a senior at Kennesaw State University pursuing a BA in English. Danny was born in Chicago, Illinois but when he was just five years old he and his family moved to the Suwanee, Georgia. His childhood was spent participating in team sports, enjoying time with his friends, reading books, and writing stories. His love for reading and writing began at an early age when his second-grade teacher instructed his class to keep a personal writing journal. At first, his writing included continuations of his favorite books such as Captain Underpants and Magic Tree House, but soon after he began composing stories of his own. Since then, his love for reading and writing has not faded. He is constantly thinking of and writing new stories and enjoys reading in order to seek inspiration.

Danny is also extremely passionate about music and film and believes he can tell his stories through these avenues as well. He is currently working on a screenplay and has been involved in a few short films. Danny also plays the guitar and piano and loves listening to artists who display storytelling in their music, such as Phoebe Bridgers, Mark Kozelek, Bruce Springsteen, and Hop Along.

Danny attended Lambert High School and his love for the arts grew even more there when he began participating in theatre in his sophomore year. He became even more infatuated with the process of storytelling and realized how impactful a good story can be. Most of all, telling stories is what intrigues Danny the most. He believes he can do this through writing, acting, or music and knows there are endless stories waiting to be told.